About Mündig (english)


I am working as a consultant, author and free journalist mainly in the field of communication and adult ecudation with special focus on food culture, gardening, do-it-yourself-issues, ecology and sustainability questions. My mission is to encourage people to take matters in their own hands: growing their own food, cooking fresh meals and doing other practical things which are important in terms of the autonomy of individuals and that also contribute to a lifestyle of sustainability.


Furthermore I am especially interested in developing new models of educational opportunities which combine empowerment, participation and do-it-yourself-aspects in order to achieve more holistic learning environments and to gain more balanced lifestyles. I like to do this through (European) projects in the framework of the lifelong learning community and appreciate it very much to share experiences and join forces with partners from other European countries.


As an author and journalist I am writing about cooking and eating, pleasure and ecology, food and politics – and also about tomatoes and chocolate cake.


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